Ocaña, Königin der Ramblas

Ocaña, Königin der Ramblas
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Marc Rosich

Barcelona in the 70s: A city awakens from the rigidity of the Franco dictatorship. Ahead Ocaña, artist, rebel and drag queen: star on the Ramblas of Barcelona – and in front of the Brandenburg Gate, when the Berlinale showed a film about him. Ocaña becomes the icon of
Liberation, with his extravagant performances and his legendary death in the flames of one self-designed costume.
Marc Rosich and his team take us away into the world and times of a rebel, among the great pioneers of a self-determined, queer movement in Europe.

Direction and text: Marc Rosich

Music arrangements/Composition: Marc Sambola

World premiere: Neuköllner Oper Berlin, 15 February 2018

Reposition: 12 December 2018 – 25 January 2019

Choreographic collaboration: Julieta Figueroa
Set design / Video: Eugenio Szwarcer
Costums: Joana Martí
Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin

Denis / Ocaña: Denis Fischer
Professor / Onkel Max / Nazario: Victor Petitjean

Guitars: Takashi Peterson/Nikos Tsiachris, Jerzy Chwastyk

Technical production: Helmut Topp| Ligths: Torsten Litschko
Video technics: Ben Artmann | Technician: Torsten Litschko, Til
Gebhardt, Carola Caggiano | Set construction: Patrick Bartl-Zuba, Ralf
Mauelshagen, Helmut Topp, René Werner
Costume department: Christina Kämper (head), Kathy Prell
Assistant: Ulla Wentenschuh
Maske: Anne-Claire Meyer
Front house: Regina Triebel
Translation text: Max Grosse Majench | translation coplas: Lucía Martinez Alonso / Eugenio Szwarcer / Ulla
Wentenschuh / Marc Rosich / Victor Petitjean
reposition 12th December 2018 | Duration: 100 Minutes
Ocaña, Königin der Ramblas is another project within the collaboration frame of Òpera de
Butxaca i Noves Creacions – Barcelona and Neuköllner Oper Berlin