MR.X_ _ _ MR.X

MR.X_ _ _ MR.X
A Multimedia Miniopera by Jakob Draminsky

<MR.X>_ _ _ <MR.X> doesn’t know where the voices which have started to ring in his head come from. Neither can he place the images that pass in front of the inside of his eyes and which call out to him…

We, on thE other hand, know that both the images and the voices are part of his previous lives.

While he is looking for a way to communicate with these ghosts, we hear fragments of his present life.

In each state of mind there are all poSsible states of mind. For example in a couple in a relationship of love there are all sorts of dissonances, solitudes, agglomerations of unknown people with the risk of the pair losing sight of each other, as well as all the petrification, upping of anchors and not reaching land and missing the other while present.

Enric Casasses

<MR.X>_ _ _ <MR.X> is a chamber opera of 50 minutes based on texts by the Catalan poet Enric Casasses, with music and concept by the Danish composer resident in Barcelona, Jakob Draminsky.

 From the starting point of the 52 double poems of the book Canaris Fosforescents by Enric Casasses, a series of sound and visual events take form, united by the protagonist Mr X, and interpreted by the Catalan countertenor, Xavier Sabata.

<MR.X>_ _ _ <MR.X> uses digital media to tell its stories.

Music, idea and direction: Jakob Draminsky

Text: Enric Casasses

Length approx. 50 min. Language: Catalan

CCCB, Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
27, 29 and 30 November 2002

Singer and Actor: XAVIER SABATA

Vídeo Scenography and Images: JANETTE SCHOU


Keyboard, Control of Computer and live Manipulation of  Sound (MAX/MSP): JAKOB DRAMINSKY

Light and Image Technician: E.TEA II