La Cabeza del Bautista

La Cabeza del Bautista
Enric Palomar

La cabeza del Bautista, by Enric Palomar, is an opera in one act divided into eight scenes. It is based on Carlos Wagner’s adaptation of the «melodrama for puppets» of the same title by Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. The opera will receive its first performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona on 20 April 2009 with Carlos Wagner himself as stage director and Josep Caballé on the podium. Aside from the omission of a few minor details, the plot closely follows that of the play, which is part of Retablo de la avaricia, la lujuria y la muerte. Several popular songs that are merely outlined in the theatrical version are sung by the group of roving singers mentioned by the playwright, a mixed chorus of bar patrons, and a Blind Man and his Boy, who are borrowed from El embrujado, another play from Retablo de la avaricia, la lujuria y la muerte. The introduction is based on Valle-Inclán’s poem Rosa de llamas.

Music, Enric Palomar

Duration: 90 minutes

Gran Teatre del Liceu, from april 20 to may 2 of 2009

Music, Enric Palomar

Conductor, Josep Caballé-Domènech

Stage director, Carlos Wagner

Set design, Alfons Flores

Costume design, Mercé Paloma

Light design, Xavi Clot

Photographer, Antoni Bofill


Commissioned by the Fundació del Gran Teatre del Liceu

With Gran Teatre del Liceu’s Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Libretto based on the play of the same name by Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, adapted by Carlos Wagner



Pepona, Ángeles Blancas / Rosa Mateu

El Jándalo, Alexander Marco-Buhrmester / Michael Kraus

Don Igi el Indiano, José Manuel Zapata / Francisco Vas

Valerio, el Pajarito, Antonio Lozano

El Barbero, Roberto Accurso

El Sastre, Enric Martínez- Castignani

El Enano de Salnés, Javier Abreu

El Ciego, Michael Kraus / Xavier Mendoza

El Mozo de ciego, Fabiola Masino / Eliana Bayón

Gente del bar, Coro mixto