A gesture Opera by Eduard Resina

Based on the poem “Il Combattimento” by Torquato Tasso and “Menstruació” by the composer
“War and death you will have” he said, “I won’t refuse

To give them to you if you seek them.”

                                                   Torquato Tasso

The Work

An empty stage and everyday lighting. The lights of a motorway, of streets, of dining rooms or kitchens. The lights which we have made ourselves and we turn on, and which are no use to illuminate, only to repeat certain gestures. Neither do the gestures say anything: they are mysterious codes by which we intuit bodies which, perhaps, under another light, could be loved. Now at the beginning of the 21st century it is clear to us that behind television or IT screens there is only the clamour of nothingness. But we can neither go back to creating theatre and opera as if nothing had happened. There is no difference between the stalls and the stage: everything is staged: some are seated and watch, others sing, move about, and others control sound and light mixing tables.

Something like a post-technological spectacle about the war of the sexes as it is now: an empty stage and everyday lighting. And the shadows. Real ones. Nothing can be seen. The footfalls of those who should be loving each other, but only come near to fight. The splendid passage from Torquato Tasso reminds us (and has for the last 400 years): the breastplate of the other is only pierced with a sword; lovers only acknowledge each other in the agony where the pleasure of victory and the despair of irreparable loss is mixed. Eduard has imagined a time after, of loneliness, the loneliness of the victor in his empty theatre. Electronic music, now all music is electronic: Bach on a CD in your home. And the singing is perhaps the only tear of this spectacle. I have tried to say things truthfully.

 Claudio Zulian  

Music: Eduard Resina

Texts, “Il Combattinmento” by Torquato Tasso, “Menstruació” by Eduard Resina

Approx. length 60 min
Languages: Italian and Catalan

Civic Centre Cotxeres Borrell
Avel-lí Gener “Tísner” Space
4 and 5 December 2002

Stage direction: CLAUDIO ZULIAN

Actors – Singers,

XAVI SABATA, Countertenor

Assistant to director: TON GRAS

Scenographic concept: CLAUDIO ZULIAN

Light technician: FERNANDO ROJO

Executive production: MONTSE HERRERA


A production of ACTEON