En Landsoldats Dagbog

En Landsoldats Dagbog
Jakob Draminsky

EN LANDSOLDATS DAGBOG – ET ÅR AF HANS LIV                          

Diary of a volunteer- a day in one’s life

An electroacustic pocket opera based on extracts from the diary of the Danish painter, J.Th. Lundbye, written in 1842 while he travelled around the north of Sjaelland in the company of another painter, Skovgard. In these excerpts Lundbye describes in a very neutral manner (like that of John Cage, one hundred years later) what he sees and what happens during the journey. There is no reference to his family or to his hopeless love for the daughter of a rich landowner, despite the fact that the diary is full of references to this. At the end of the journey, however, he confesses that he was thinking of his beloved Louise practically the entire time….

The part of the diary of Lundbye, written between March 1842 and April 1843, is the inspiration for an individual and anonymous journey, in which thoughts, memories and dreams appear. The protagonist of the work is not Lundbye but rather any restless person, avid for experiences. Neither is the story an attempt to reproduce the journey of Lundbye in a naturalistic manner….

Concept, composition and “Midi live performance” by Jakob Draminsky

Theater Malic
15, 16, 18 and 19 November 1995

Baritone and direction: NIELS PIHL



Libretto, texts by J.TH.LUNDBYE selected by PETER LAUGESEN

Presentation of the concept: SILVIA PIVA




With the special support of DANISH JAZZ, BEAT and FOLK COMPOSERS