Dido Reloaded / Go, Aeneas, Go!

Dido Reloaded / Go, Aeneas, Go!
Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García Tomás, Octavi Rumbau and Joan Magrané

“Go, Aeneas, Go!” was awarded with the First Price at the Berliner Opernpreis 14 organized by the Neuköllner Oper und GASAG.

Six creative minds summoned by the OBNC. Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García-Tomás, Joan Magrané and Octavi Rumbau offer up this ‘flowing chamber opera’ based on the classical myth of Dido and Aeneas. Written by Cristina Cordero and directed by Jordi Pérez Solé, this is contemporary opera for a Europe in crisis.

Dido reloaded evokes the dilemmas embodied by its female protagonist, the ruler of a European country who experiences firsthand the eternal conflict between desire and duty that every leader faces. Dido and Aeneas come together at a crossroads between two cultures, immersed in a conflict of love that stems from political affairs reaching far beyond their personal desires. Dido fears that giving her love to Aeneas will diminish her ability to rule.

Go, Aeneas, Go! follows the journey of our male hero, who fights for the utopian ideal of Europe against an inauspicious backdrop. Modern Aeneas is a civil servant who, for the sake of a unified Europe, embarks on a voyage across the Union, battling skepticism in even those countries which seem most devoted to his ideas.

Mythological gods are a far cry from the world of today, but… do money, markets, growth prospects and the risk premium not leave us just as vulnerable as the humans of these tales?

Dido Reloaded, was released independently in October 2013 at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Barcelona and at Madrid’s Sala Berlanga. After this first experience, the same team wanted to continue their research and started writing a second project named “Go, Aeneas, Go!”. This second half was awarded first prize at the Berliner Opernpreis 14, organized by the Neuköllner  Oper and GASAG. Thanks to this award it was also released independently in May 2014 at the Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur, after a stay of the entire creative team in the German city, and later made a brief season at the Neuköllner Oper.

On this occasion, we present the parts together for the first time and we will premiere a new epilogue made specially to close the journey of the two protagonists in the underworld.

Music: Xavier Bonfill, Raquel García Tomás, Octavi Rumbau and Joan Magrané

Libretto “Dido Reloaded” and “Epíleg”: Cristina Cordero

Teatre Lliure / Espai Lliure, from 26th to 30th november 2014


Libretto “Go, Aeneas, Go!”: Col·lectiu Spin Off, based on an idea from Cristina Cordero

Video artist:  Raquel García Tomás

Musical Direction: Francesc Prat

Direction: Jordi Pérez Solé (La Mama)

Sets: Jorge Salcedo / Jordi Pérez Solé (La Mama) / Ulrike Reinhard

Costumes: Isabel Velasco / Christina Kämper

Make up: Anne-Claire Meyer

Movement: Anna Romaní / Èlia López

Lightning: Sylvia Kuchinow



Belinda / Europa: Anna Alàs i Jové, mezzo

Dido: Maria Hinojosa, soprano

Aeneas: Joan Ribalta, tenor


Clarinet: Víctor de la Rosa

Cello: Cèlia Torres


Executive production: Cristina Cordero

Communication: Neus Purtí

Production: Dietrich Grosse

Language: Multilingual show with subtitles in Catalan. Duration: approx. 1:45 minutes.

A production by: Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació

Co-production: Teatre Lliure &  Neuköllner Oper

Supported by: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura / OSIC, Ajuntament de Barcelona

Thanks: Berliner Opernpreis 14 – GASAG, Fundación SGAE, Deutschen Vertretungen in Spanien, Institut del Teatre (Servei de graduats), Louise Higham, Helena Moliné.