Bruna of the Night

Bruna of the Night
Xavier Pagès


One day, in a country that could be either far away or very nearby, time stood still. The reason was – as well as being worrying – rather bizarre: The moon had stopped travelling through the sky at night. The problems in that country were a cause for worldwide concern: the King had lost his grandiose strength, the wisemen couldn’t believe it; neither strawberries nor peppers grew for the farmers; pregnant women could not give birth… The Doctor of the kingdom just couldn’t manage everything. It was a world closing down.

Bruna, a young girl in that unfortunate world was worried to death. But fortunately for everyone, she was brave and resolute. So it was not surprising that Pessic Magí, the most fabulous and daring creature anyone had ever seen, between games and riddles, while rolling out a path of verses, carried Bruna away to another world : the world of the celestial circus. Because that is where the secret mechanisms of the Universe are hidden. It is where a voice is coming from asking them to look for and discover these secrets.

As if in front of a closed stage, Bruna and Pessic Magí, after a long and mysterious journey, will come across a great curtain. The one who is watching over the constellations there is the Tailor of the Universe and he is muttering in despair: no star, comet or planet knows where to go, because there is no moon! But Pessic Magí doesn’t lose heart and continues his search boldly. By lifting the curtain, and opening a closed door, he and Bruna will be able to enter the Celestial Circus.  The Trapeze Artist, who has been calling them with beautiful melodies, awaits them there.  There all the Heavenly Bodies are waiting with expectation…. Where is the moon??

And the Trapeze Artist will reveal to them her great secret: she is the one who, as a mother, takes care of the moon when it is not shining, a moon that now is not working – and who know why! A moon which, if we listen carefully, we will hear howling…. Pessic Magí, once again, will be the brave one who makes everyone understand that it is necessary to get to the centre of the problem: to the heart of the moon.

Inside this star, our traveller will be amazed and astonished: the ones who move the mechanism are two twins who have allowed themselves to be taken in by two evil trickster stars! And as the twins shine from opposite corners of the universe, each one stretches the moon mechanism in a different direction. And all because they want to reach these evil stars! And how they are fighting each other! Pessic Magí just can’t believe it. But as he is so very clever, he has a solution to the problem: a new star must be created more brilliant and charming tan any other. Everyone to work! The Trapeze Artist calls out to the planets, and each one of them will give up one of their qualities for the new star. Even the Sun comes to their aid and will give some of its hair to sew up a dress for the new star.  But it is only with the help of Bruna that everything is fixed in the end: she is the one who dresses this star with all its new elements.

With the new star is the tent, everything gets back light and life: the twins approach it, more enchanted that ever. The moon follows its path and the whole Universe gets back its lost harmony, the cheerful melody, brimming with joy, will be heard at last, by everyone.

Music and musical direction: Xavier Pagès 

Libretto: Joan Duran

Language: Catalan

Approx. 45 minutes long  

CCCB, Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona
World premiere 26 and 27 November 2004.

Concert version

Opera for 5 singers, 7 musicians and 6 dancers


Paula Nogueira, soprano 
Escarlata Blanco, mezzo-soprano
Jordi Velázquez, tenor 
Marco Riccetti, first baritone
Eduard Moreno, second baritone

Narrator: Joan Miquel Artigues 


Bernat Castillejo, flute 
Pere Benítez, clarinet 
Jesús Lira, violin
Anna Comellas, violoncello
Toni Cubedo, double bass
Santi Molas, percussion
Daniel García, piano

Thanks to the Music School of the Palau 

Commission by the Festival of Pocket Opera and New Creations