Bazaar Cassandra

Bazaar Cassandra
Enric Palomar

What is the future that awaits us? It is not entirely clear. The climate change, sea levels rise, financial crises recurring, the increasingly large crack that separates rich from poor … And although we are aware of how to solve all these problems, we do not know if this knowledge will end Translating into no real change.

What can Cassandra’s visionary myth tell us today about how Should we face the future? Who could that Cassandra be today? predicted the victory of the enemy and that, as punishment, was despised and raped? What would happen if we placed Cassandra in our society of knowledge, running a bazaar of second-hand objects in a Berlin neighborhood?

Music: Enric Palomar 

Libretto: Marc Rosich 

Neuköllner Oper Berlin, 9th october 2014

Music Direction: Hans-Peter Kirchberg / Teresa Vilaplana-Maza

Stage Direction: Mario Portmann

Choreographer: Juliea Figueroa

Vestuary: Stephan Testi

Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin

Executive Production / Directing Assistant: Marion Meyer

Translation of the Book into German: Volker Glabell, Maria Melquilter Matheis, Nina-Maria Fischer and Linard Vrielink

Photograph: Matthias Heyde

Production: Neuköllner Oper Berlin

Co-Production: Goethe-Institut Barcelona, ​​Pocket Opera and New Creation

Supported by Barcelona City Council