12.04.2019 Conference

Òpera & Dona: Professional Conference on the Presence of Women in Creation and Direction in the Performing Arts | 12th and 13th April 2019

Saturday 12/4 MORNING La creació operística: un nou relat
Saturday 12/4 AFTERNOON (original EN) La creació operística: un nou relat
Saturday 12/4 AFTERNOON (translation ES) La creació operística: un nou relat
Saturday 13/4 MORNING La dona al cinema, el teatre i la dansa
Saturday 13/4 AFTERNOON La nova generació: una mostra.

Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació and the SGAE Foundation invite you to the professional conference that will be discussing the presence of women in creation, management and direction in the performing arts. The current situation of women in opera is a reality that has just begun to be considered and one that raises a number of important questions. In order to reflect on all this, we have organised this conference, to which we have invited women who are now carrying out their professional activity in the field of opera, the performing arts and cinema within the spheres of creation and management. 
At this event we will be hearing the opinion of the younger generations who are already standing out in these disciplines.

The debate over women’s presence in creation and management in the world of opera has only just begun, but it allows us to consider many questions about their real situation in the field of the performing arts.

Women, who have traditionally taken centre place in the ethical and aesthetic representation of the genre of opera, have found themselves, on the other hand, systematically kept apart from the creative process and production in this dramatic and musical genre. 

Women’s presence on the public stage has always been limited to vocal interpretation and has led to the prominence of many great figures who have made history in this area. In the 21st century, however, we find ourselves facing a different and very diverse reality determined by the progress made due to the access of women to academic formation and professionalization. This has in turn freed them from their earlier sole social function connected to the family unit as protector of marriage and childbearing.

To get to know the present state of this question and the situation of women in this artistic field at the present time, we are organising two daylong seminars around the principal aspects of this debate: management, creation and the presence of women in opera and the performing arts.

We are inviting a dozen women whose present professional activity is in opera, cinema or the performing arts in the area of management or creation. We also wish to explore the points of view of women from a younger generation who are pulling ahead in these areas. We would like them to explain their points of view and to tell us of their experience. We hope that they will help make visible what can be novel and innovative in the contribution of the reality of women to the total work of art, which the opera is within the performing arts (considering the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, which unites the different artistic disciplines). And for this reason, we welcome the involvement of others, from other arts, who will surely enrich the debate.

We believe that it is important that this should be open to everyone, to men and women, to highlight the vision of women in creation and cultural direction and all together establish if we are dealing with a new system of values which completes and enriches the male vision.

We hope that this debate raises more questions so that we can collectively continue to reflect on the working together of genders in the present and in future cultural contexts. We hope to hear concrete views, which will help us to draw conclusions about what specific measures and actions can be taken in the short, middle and long term.

The roundtable sessions will be made up of blocks with the presentation of ideas by each of the guests, followed by time for debate and questions from the public. The 4th session allows time for women whose work has been coming out over the last few years to explain their experiences in short interventions, or to present artistic projects

This seminar will be held with the premiere of the opera buffa Je suis narcissiste at Teatre Lliure from April 12th to 14th:


Mònica Pagès, coordinator of Òpera & Dona.

Barcelona, February the 7th 2019. 


12 and 13 April at the headquarters of SGAE in Catalonia (Passeig de Colom, 6, Barcelona), four roundtable discussions will take place:

Friday, 12 april

10.30 am:
Welcome by Pilar Jurado, president of SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers).

10.45 am:
Opening ceremony of the Conference by Marc Rosich, Dietrich Grosse and Toni Rumbau, founders of Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació.

De 11.00 am – 1.00 pm:
TABLE 1 – Opera creation: a whole new story
Transcendence, humour and depth in the team creation process: dramaturgy and text for music, seeking interdisciplinary affinities.


Pilar Jurado, composer and president of SGAE (Madrid)
Amy Stebbins, librettist (Frankfurt, Chicago)
Desirée Meiser, artistic director of Gare du Nord (Basel)
Bill Bankes-Jones, artistic director of Tête à Tête (London) 
Marisa Manchado, composer (Madrid)
Raquel García-Tomás, composer (Barcelona)

Moderator: Mònica Pagès, journalist

3.00 pm – 5.00 pm:
TABLE 2 – Artistic direction: an inside look
Women with decision-making power provide new criteria and new styles of leadership.


Christina Scheppelmann, artistic director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona)
Karin Dietrich, director of the contemporary music department of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (Frankfurt) 
Bernhard Glocksin, artistic director of the Neuköllner Oper (Berlin) 
Mercedes Conde, new deputy director of the Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona)
Alicia Suárez Hulton, head of communication of the Ópera of Oviedo (Oviedo)

Moderator: Lourdes Morgades, journalist

8.30 pm: Teatre Lliure
Premiere of the opera buffa, Je suis narcissiste
by Raquel García-Tomás, Helena Tornero and Marta Pazos.


Saturday, 13 april

10.45 am:
Welcome by Dietrich Grosse, cofounder of Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació.

11.00 am – 13.00 pm:
TABLE 3 – Women in cinema, theatre and dance
Multidisciplinarity and exchange challenges.


Victoria Spzunberg, dramaturge and resident at Sala Beckett
Yolanda Olmos, director of Dones Visuals
Margarita Borja, author and scenic director, vice president of Clásicas y Modernas  
Carme Portaceli, theatre and opera director
Constanza Brncic, choreographer
Helena Tornero, librettist

Moderator: Maricel Chavarría, journalist

3.00 am – 5.00 pm:
TABLE 4 – The new generation: a sample.


Diana Syrse, performance artist and composer
Nuria Núñez, composer
Irina Prieto, composer
Elena Martín, cinema and theatre actress and director 
Marta Pazos, theatre director

Moderator: Anna Bofill, composer

5.00 pm:
Closing ceremony of the Conference and performance by the pianist Marina Herlop and the dancer Carlota de Carvajal.

Free attendance, with limited seating

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Organised by:
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