About us

We are a cultural organisation, unique in this country, committed to the production and promotion of contemporary opera. Over the last 25 years, OBNC has been a motor for the generation of new projects and new synergies. From the time OBNC began on the modest stage of the Teatre Malic at the hands of Toni Rumbau, up until it developed its the present-day structure, our organisation has tirelessly woven a network of collaborations which has given rise to contemporary lyrical works, with special emphasis given to the involvement of talented young creators from our country. We have done this in the firm belief that opera should be the creative point of contact between the worlds of music and theatre.

Over these 25 years we have brought more than 30 new operas and 76 exhibited works to a public of 35,000.

Our belief in the talent of our young local artists – composers, writers of librettos and stage directors – has gone hand in hand with national and international alliances and partnerships. The endeavours to open our work to international collaborations and the continual pursuit of foreign partners has led to the creative strength of Catalan authors becoming known outside our frontiers, while demonstrating the enviable quality of their works. In this respect, three absolute premieres of operas in Catalan on international stages – one of them of grand format – stand out among the historic high points of OBNC, demonstrating that our language is also adequate for the writing of lyrical works. Theatres and festivals throughout Europe, such as the Staatstheater Darmstadt (Darmstadt), Theater Basel (Basel), Oper Halle, Musiktheatertage Wien (Vienna), Neuköllner Oper (Berlin) have been our partners. We have also received support from institutions such as the Gran Teatre Liceu (Barcelona), the Teatre Lliure (Barcelona), the Festival Castell de Peralada (Girona) or the Teatro Real (Madrid) and Teatro Español (Madrid).

With one work after another, OBNC has driven forward a repertoire of new lyrical pieces which, seen altogether, have demonstrated the considerable volume and importance of the work created along this long road. These creations, which speak to us in a contemporary and immediate manner, now form part without question of the musical patrimony of our country and its cultural identity.


Dietrich Grosse



Marc Rosich

Artistic direction

Francesc Prat

Music assessment

Montserrat Majench

Mondigromax, cultius de cultura

Jordi Pérez Solé

Scenic assessment