Dido & Aeneas Reloaded

Absolute premiere.

On October 23, 2013, the premiere “Dido & Aeneas Reloaded” will take place at the Anatomical Amphitheater of the RAMC in Barcelona.

It is a “liquid chamber opera” where four composers have collaborated with a playwright and a stage director re-versioning the classic “Dido & Aeneas” by H. Purcell. A unique performance in a equally unique location: the Sala Gimbernat, in the middle of the Old Town, is one of the oldest and best preserved anatomical amphitheaters in Europe, built in 1762.

Two great performers, soprano Maria Hinojosa  and mezzo Anna Alas, accompanied by clarinetist Victor de la Rosa and the cellist Celia Torres, will perform the piece, created for the occasion, which also incorporates a lot of electronic music.

This Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació project seeks to offer composers, librettists and emerging theater directors a place to experience the world of opera and evolve its formats. Divided into four steps, this re-visited (or “reloaded”) classic story, is also informed by many current and looming parallels with contemporary Europe and its struggle between sovereignty and identity, or economic and social inclusion.

Musically, it forgets the Baroque (except for some veiled reference!) to approach riskier sounds that will nonetheless exceptionally mix with the centuries of history of the room.

The piece then will travel to Madrid to participate in the Semana de la Ópera Actual organized by Fundación Autor in the Sala Berlanga, theatre on October 25.

If you want to help make the show possible and get great rewards, visit the microfunding site Verkami !