Lost Circles

Ensemble æquatuor’s second music theater project (after “Schattenrisse“ 2005) combines a pair of contrasts, “In the Burrow” (after a text by Franz Kafka) pointing downward, into the ground, to something threatening, and “Ana Andromeda”, pointing upward, toward the sky, toward the light, may be even toward redemption. These artistically highly inspiring and proliferous opposites, to some extent, try to indicate the range of the topic of the Lucerne Festival 2012 “Glaube” (”Faith”). Today we are, on the one hand, confronted with the phenomenon of an increasingly individualised attitude toward a strict profession of faith. On the other hand, we are still confronted with globally and politically unsettling points of friction sparked off by certain perceptions and traditions of faith collectively experienced (and proclaimed). It is this area of tension where we perceive the present, second music theatre project of æquatuor situated.

From the beginning, the project was conceptualized in collaboration with Georges Delnon (Theater Basel), who stages both works. His stage concept emphasizes the interplay of the contrasts and the connection between the two compositions brought together in “Lost Circles”. Live-electronics plays an important role, especially in Michel Roth’s composition: the sophisticated positioning of loudspeakers and microphones creates an acoustic space never experienced before, going way beyond the range of the instruments visible, thus creating some kind of second reality. Realisation of this special sound design: Ueli Würth.

The first performance of “Lost Circles” will take place at the Lucerne Festival 2012. The stage setting will be easily movable; after performances at the Basel Theater, we plan to give further guest performances in various European cities.

Matthias Arter

Artistic director